Here is more help for business damage control due to Covid-19:

NYS Unemployment for employees who have a cut in hours:

NYS will pay a reduced benefit for employees who have their hours cut. Please click the link below.

Q: What if I work part-time?

A: If you work less than four days in a week and earn $504 or less, you may receive partial benefits. Each day or part of a day of work causes your weekly benefit rate to drop by one-quarter. For example, if your weekly benefit rate is $200 and you work three days and earn less than $504, you may receive $50 in benefits. If you work two days, you may receive $100 in benefits. If you work one day, you may receive $150 in benefits.

If you receive partial benefits, it extends the length of time you may collect benefits. If you earn over $504 in any week, no matter how many days you worked, you cannot receive benefits for that week.

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Q: Can I file a claim if I lost my full-time work, but still work part-time?

A: Yes, if you work less than four days in a week and earn $504 or less, you may receive partial benefits. When you file your UI claim:

  • You will be asked to enter the date of your last day worked. Enter the last day you physically reported to work, regardless of whether this was your part-time or full-time work.
  • You will also be asked to enter information about your last or most recent employer. The last or most recent employer is where you most recently reported to work, regardless of whether this was your part-time or full-time employer. If it was your part-time employer, and you will continue to work part-time, enter "lack of work" as the reason for separation.

Families First Coronavirus Response Act Became Law 3-18-2020

HR 6201 is a piece of legislation that mandates employers of any size pay employees that need to stay home. It is not possible for most businesses to comply with this law.

It’s a stinker….

Pay particular attention to Division C,D,E and G

C Expands Mandatory Family and Medical Leave to be paid by employers

D Unemployment funding to states (Not you, the State)

E Required Sick leave payments by employers

G Tax Credits for Sick and Family Leave payments mentioned above.

The best alternative is to declare a layoff and let the unemployment system pay your employees. This is due to:

March 27, 2020 passage of the CARES Act.

This act

  1. Adds $600.00/week to whatever the basic state level unemployment benefit. In NYS this could boost Unemployment Compensation to roughly $1000 per week.
  2. puts SBA7a loan program in place. You must apply for this through a bank. These are also referred to as PPP or Payroll Protection Program loans. The proceeds are determined at 2.5 of average monthly payroll over the previous year. Also available for self employed. The debt is forgivable starting January 2021, assuming you have payroll and some other expense for the rest of 2020. Any forgiveness is not subject to income tax. As of today, most banks are not ready to accept applications for these loans. I am told it will be another week.
  3. Resurrects the IRS advanced refund program, only much larger; a $1,200.00 payment to each adult and $500.00 for each child in a household. Link below to find the details.

SBA Disaster Loans… Everyone should apply. Quickly.

SBA has had disaster loans available for areas with declared National Disaster status.

The entirety of NY (every county) is a FEMA Disaster area.

Look for your state and there will be a map of counties effected.

This is a more traditional loan in its structure, but you apply for it directly though the SBA website.

I did the initial filing for disaster loan today. I’m not sure if it will be funded, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. I wanted to see where the screens would lead.

I have been working every day for weeks now. I am considered an “Essential Business” under the quarantine order. I knew this virus was an offensive, engineered bio hazard early enough to get air handlers with UV-C purification, hand sanitizer, bleach cleaner and toilet paper. (Toilet paper😊)

Deferment When you see that cash too small to get through the emergency, consider contacting your bank for a deferment now. It won’t help three months from now when the state of emergency is lifted. NYS student loan programs are required to over deferment under executive order.

We are open and working very hard. Reviewing the relevant legislation has put me behind… We will continue normal operations. Joanna and I are healthy.

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